From Trees To Healthcare…

This website is the story of a career that could not have been predicted. It started in 1960 at Bridge of Gaur on the edge of Rannoch Moor in Scotland as a trainee forester with Her Majesty's Forestry Commission and has evolved, in Canada, to administration, design and operation of mobile medical units almost 60 years later. It has been an exciting and varied journey, enhanced by interaction with numerous mentors and exceptional colleagues. The technology used in this website was unknown at the onset of my working life and had evolved from the code-breaking technology in Word War II through the earliest Apple computers and first editions of Microsoft to todays powerful, fast, portable tools. In my first consulting office I was proud to have a Wang Word processor with 7 inch vinyl disks early on. A later office fire showed how vulnerable those were and how hard disk drives have substantially supplanted that media. Now its the need to ensure hard drive back-ups back every item. Back in the early days of my career social contact was who you last talked to - social media was yet to be conceived.

While my first love was, and remains amongst the trees, my career took a sharp turn after the Expo 86 World Fair in Vancouver where I was the horticulturist but spent most of the Fair moving royal visitors and VIP's across the site, to managing a huge building with a fabric roof in the style of sailing ship sails, maintaining it as the first Vancouver Convention Centre and ensuring safety and security for thousands of visitors from Heads of State to craft vendors. Eventually, having passed through periods in police services, fire and rescue services, maritime rescue and emergency management I alighted on an opportunity to look after a mobile hospital -the MMU- a legacy asset from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games entrusted to the Provincial Health Services Authority for clinical and teaching duties across the Province of British Columbia. Clinics for opioid addiction with the provincial MMU have evolved into designing new custom vehicles for healthcare delivery and harm reduction.

This website is a collection of many of the products of this varied career that may find some use or interest in your career. Feel free to use whatever is useful. Credited references to my work will be appropriate and much appreciated.